Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Facebook implements 10-second rule to reduce auto-sharing app spam

New rule could make users a bit more comfortable with the concept of auto-sharing.

Tired of seeing every single thing your Facebook friends read and watch on the internet on your news feed? That could change now that Facebook has implemented a 10-second rule for all its applications.

So what does the rule mean for you exactly? Let's say you and your friends have one of Facebook's applications installed on your account. You now have to spend at least 10 seconds reading the article or watching the video on the website connected with the application before it can post a status update for you.

While 10 seconds may still be too short, this rule could lessen accidental sharing, because we're all guilty of clicking links we never actually meant to click. If you'd rather not share your app activities on Facebook altogether — your boss could be in your friends list after all — you can revoke an app's permission to post status updates for you.

When you install an app on your account, check if you opt out of automatic status updates from the start.

For apps you already have installed, go to Account Settings, navigate to Apps, then click the small x next to "Post on your behalf," or change the apps posting permission visibility to "Only Me."

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