Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eclipse Connects Java Developers to VMware Cloud Foundry


The Cloud Foundry Integration Extension for Eclipse lets Java programmers use Eclipse to deploy and manage the applications running on a Cloud Foundry server. The server can either be a local installation of the open-source version of Cloud Foundry or it can be one running inside VMWare Player (called a "Microcloud"). The server could be running on a hosted site registered with, which is owned by VMWare. eWEEK Labs registered with the site, and used the Eclipse extension to connect to the server and change the administrator password. Next, we created a simple Java Dynamic Web application in Eclipse consisting of a JSP page and a servlet. Without leaving Eclipse, we were able to use the extension to easily deploy the entire application to and start it running. Additionally, we made some corrections to the code and redeployed the application. These slides show the steps that took place to get an entire Java Web application up and running and ultimately tested out in the Chrome browser.

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