Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to set background image to jFrame form in netbeans


Some times we get problem while customizing code.Problem is we don't know how?. Here is simple example of how to set background image to jFrame form in netbeans.

  • First open new project and name it.
  • Right click on source package and add new jFrame form
  • Set the title for jFrame form, Right click on jFrame and type title in front of title option.
  • For setting background image to jFrame form first we should set Null Layout because default layout is Free Design Layout.
  • To set Null Layout, Right Click on jFrame --> set layout --> select Null Layout.
  • After setting null layout drag and drop jlabel from pallet.
  • Drag jLabel over the full jFrame.
  • To set background image, Right click on jLabel --> Icon --> select image
  • Your jFarme is look like as.
  • Again if you go for another jLabel you find that jLabel is not visible it just behind the jFrame.
  • For that just select second jLabel, Drag and drop above the first jLabel.
  • See the output for this jFrame. By this way you can customize your jFrame and add another components.

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  1. Unknown says:

    you guys were the most helpful!!! amaze!!

  2. How can i set the size mode of the icon?
    I want to keep it 'fit in the frame' ut how to do it?

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