Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to create Jar file in NetBeans

  Steps to create Jar file  
  1.Open new project in NetBeans  
  2.Give  name to project and click on Finish button
3.After writing your program code you have to  do following steps.
4.Right click on your project and select properties

  5.Click on Run option in left side of window then click on Browse  button to select main class of project. Select main class and click on Ok button.
  6. Next step is to create a jar file. Again you have to right click on project and click the Clean and Build option.

7. Go to your project location, Open your project you find dist folder.  
  8. Open that folder you find jar file of your project just double click on jar file to run your project.

  9.Here is your output.

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