Friday, May 25, 2012

How to use jTabbedPane in Netbeans

In this post we learn how to use jTabbedPane and how to create jTabbedPane container in netbeans. jTabbedPane is a java swing container useful to customize GUI in small frame.
  • Open new project in Netbeans.

  • Find Tabbed Pane in pallet ---> just drag and drop Tabbed pane over the jFrame or You can also use jPanel in background.

  • Enlarge the TabbedPane as you require. Here is the main step for creating jTabbedPane Container.

  • Here you have to Select Drag and Drop jPanel over the TabbedPane. See how it look like.

  • Repeat this step and create tabs.

  • While putting jPanel into Tabbed Pane, Put the jPanel into Tabbed Pane only when you see whole area of tabbed is shown by doted line this is the indication of TabbedPane Container.

  • See how it is look when you put jPanel on second time.

  • Out Put :

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