Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Low Price Health Care - Everday Preventative Action

Low cost health care involves the practice of everyday action and simple yet vital preventative measures. Maintaining a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits, drinking herbal teas, and getting good rest is crucial. Monitoring your food intake and nutrition constantly is the key to keeping your body healthy. Pick up some good tea, fruits, and vegetables today and start taking care of yourself with little money and almost no effort. Do this everyday over your lifetime and you'll spend a lot less time suffering from pain in the hospital or nursing home.

Let's start with what you should do in the morning. Get up and go straight to the kitchen. It's very important that you eat or drink something in the morning to get your metabolism going. The earlier you get your metabolism going, the more calories your will burn. It will also help your circadian rhythm stay in balance. Get out a banana, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and a cup of yogurt and start blending them in your blender or better yet, your smoothie maker. Get that smoothie in your stomach and you'll be doing your intestines a favor the later morning. Bacon and eggs might be your prefered choice when it comes to taste and satisfaction, but you'll find that your tastes will change overtime and your body will start to appreciate and crave this new diet of fruit and yogurt. When lunchtime comes around go to your grocery store and browse the produce section for whatever is on sale and in season. Not only do vegetables taste better when they are in season, they can actually be more healthy for you at the same time as they can contain more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins when they are in season. In addition, people often have bad associations with fruits or vegetables just because they once ate something that was unripe or rotten and did not realize that that was not a good representation of what it was supposed to taste like. If you have a bad association with a fruit or vegetable learn how to tell when they are ripe and never leave them on the counter for too long and expect them to stay fresh and taste the same. I always examine my vegetable rigorously for this very reason and I have found that I can take a liking to almost anything in the produce section. Take your vegetables home and give them a good washing. Put them in a microwave safe dish and set your microwave setting to fresh vegetables. If you don't have a microwave with this setting, I highly recomend you go out shopping for a microwave that does. It is a huge time saver and I love being able to just press a button and get perfectly steamed vegeables everytime. Eat your vegetables up and get on back to work. But take with you your favorite tea. Green tea, black tea, spice tea whatever. As long as your tea makes you happy, I don't care what kind it is. The important thing is that you drink tea instead of something that will give you heartburn like soda pop. Drink your tea throughout the afternoon as you desire. I find it's a nice break time activity that generates good conversation with my coworkers. I like to talk about the benefits of drinking tea and I am fortunate that my coworkers do as well. If your tea has ginger in it, it is even thought to aid in digestion. You might think that you have no digestive problems, and that is great, drinking tea may just prevent you from ever having them in the future. It 's so much easier and less expensive to keep your body in good working order by taking simple preventative steps that are as easy as drinking tea. I can't stress this enought. Speaking of stress, when you get home at night and finish your dinner there is another tea that I like to drink. Before we get to that, let's talk about dinner. Dinner should not be the largest meal of the day as contrary to popular practice that may be. However, this is time for your body to slow down and get ready for a good nights sleep. Have a small portion of chicken or your favorite cut of meat with some good whole grains and vegetables on the side. If you can boil your chicken instead of fry it to reduce your fat intake. Once dinner is over, I like to drink some chamolile tea and listen to the radio in bed. The radio? Yes, the radio helps to calm my body down much more than the T.V. does. This might not be your idea of an exciting night, but it can really pay off in your long term health if you get to bed at a reasonable time and get your sleep started off early. Today, it is all to common for people to get in a bad habit of going to bed late and getting up feeling groogy and tired. This is not only a bad idea
for your body's health, it is also a bad idea if you intend on performing well at work. Please don't put your health care on the backburner. If you do, you're just asking for high price emergency health care at some point
in the future. Doctors then must resort to powerful medicines with negative side effects and surgery to treat aliments that could have been prevented. Keep your body healthy and strong and empower your natural ability to fight off diseases.

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