Thursday, July 19, 2012

Java tops list of top 10 IT skills in demand

"Software developers" follows in the number 4 position, which presumably must be a catch-all term for developers in general.
Those positions are cited by hiring managers and recruiters about double or triple the frequency of other skill sets in the employment marketplace, says Dice. The recruiting firm reports a total of 85,000 tech job openings, along with 36,000 contract IT positions across the United States.
The shortages companies face with these skills arise from a rapidly expanding market (in the case of mobile), as well as a requirement for experience. Many companies aren't providing enough training to enable professionals to learn and come up through the ranks, however.
Here are the top 10 skills in demand:
1) Java developer
2) Mobile developer
3) .NET developer
4) Software developer
5) Security
6) SAP
7) SharePoint
8) Web developer
9) Active federal security clearance
10) Network engineer

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